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TV ratings: 'ER' finale goes out on top
NBC wins Thursday as County General goes out

Fast National ratings for Thursday, April 2, 2009

The series finale of "ER" drew a big crowd Thursday, giving both the show and NBC its best ratings on the night in a long time.

NBC averaged a 9.2 rating/15 share for the night, beating out CBS, 7.4/12, for the top spot. FOX came in third with a 4.9/8. ABC, 3.1/5, took fourth overall, and The CW trailed with a 2.2/3.

The "ER" finale also pushed NBC to the top of the adults 18-49 heap with a 5.2 rating. CBS, 3.3, took second in the demographic, ahead of FOX's 2.9. The CW, 1.6, beat ABC, 1.4, for fourth.

An "ER" clip show, 7.0/11, led the 8 o'clock hour in households, but "Survivor: Tocantins," 6.6/11, brought in more total viewers. "Bones" earned a 5.6/9 for FOX. "In the Motherhood," 3.4/6, and "Samantha Who?," 3.2/5, put ABC in fourth, ahead of "Smallville" on The CW.

NBC took sole possession of the lead at 9 with the "ER" finale, 9.6/15. "CSI" drew a 9.0/14 for CBS. FOX stayed in third with "Hell's Kitchen," 4.2/7, and ABC held onto fourth with a "Grey's Anatomy" rerun. "Supernatural" scored a 2.0/3 for The CW.

"ER" improved to 11.1/19 at 10 p.m. "Eleventh Hour" posted a 6.8/11 for CBS, and a "Private Practice" rerun on ABC delivered a 2.7/5.
(ZAP 2it)-April 3, 2009
CSI: 14,625,000
E.R. 10,632,000(20-21)
E.R. 16,378,000(21-23)




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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 【ER】"And in the End ...."のオープニングクレジット【Memo】 

【ER】"And in the End ...."のオープニングクレジット【Memo】


順番はNoah Wyle(カーター)→Laura Innes(ケリー)→Sherry Stringfield(スーザン)→David Lyons(ブレンナー)→Alex Kingston(エリザベス)Parminder Nagra(ニーラ)→Linda Cardellini(サム)→Scott Grimes(モリス)→Eriq La Salle(ピーター)→and Angela Bassett(バンフィールド)

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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 【ER】NY Times.comの回顧記事【Memo】 

【ER】NY Times.comの回顧記事【Memo】

NY Times.comの回顧記事。


Post-Mortem: ‘ER’ Is Remembered Fondly
IN the long tradition of cultural touchstones forged from ignored or rejected television scripts, the story of “ER” stands out. “Every network had passed on it, twice,” John Wells, the show’s original and longtime executive producer, recalled. “It had all these characters and medical dialogue, and they found it utterly impossible to follow.”

At the time ― the early 1990s ― “ER” was labeled a “trunk job,” a script that had languished in some forgotten slush pile for years. And indeed it had, somewhere in the dark reaches of Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment production company. Written in 1974 by Michael Crichton, who died last year, the original version of the show included a scene in which a few doctors, working in a Boston hospital, were listening to a basketball game with Bill Bradley playing for the Knicks and Tommy Heinsohn playing for the Celtics.

Then, in 1993, the project attracted new interest when the Warner Brothers studio, which had gained the rights, began pitching the series anew, using Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Crichton as inducement. (The two had just collaborated on the enormously successful “Jurassic Park.”) After an initial round of rejections, NBC ― given the big names attached ― reluctantly agreed to produce a pilot and put it on the schedule.

In hindsight the early doubters, as they often do, missed a transitional moment in television history ― not to mention a blockbuster hit. In the mid-1990s “ER” attracted more than 30 million viewers a week, at its very peak in 1998, 47.8 million. By comparison today’s most-watched dramas rarely reach 20 million viewers. It was the most-watched show in television for three seasons, and even now remains the second-most-watched drama on NBC (after “Law & Order: SVU”).

The show’s end has been predicted each year for at least the past three; early this season NBC executives still talked of possibly renewing it for one more September. But Mr. Wells and Warner Brothers studio chiefs decided the show should go out while it still held a respectable audience. The final episode is set for April 2.

This oral history includes many performers who became closely identified with “ER,” but starts with Mr. Wells, the show’s driving force from its outset.

In the Beginning

JOHN WELLS George [Clooney] was the first to be cast. I knew him from seeing him around the lot. Les [Moonves, now the CBS chief executive, then the head of Warner Brothers studio] had made a cast contingent deal for a crime show with George, but George showed up in my office and said he’d heard about our show, and he liked the part better than the legal show. He had a scene memorized, and he did it, and it was terrific. I said we’d love to have him. But George had to convince Les because the other was a lead role and this was a supporting role. George just told him: I want to do this one. Then as now George was very aggressive and very smart about managing his career.

ANTHONY EDWARDS I was not getting great roles in movies. But I was supposed to be directing this children’s movie, so I told John Wells I probably can’t do it. Then I went home, and my wife and my manager slapped me around and said this is Crichton and Spielberg. This is a big deal.

MR. WELLS Julianna Margulies was just a day player. She agreed to do a small part because she was leaving town. She left town thinking she died in the pilot. Eriq La Salle we didn’t cast until three or four days ahead of the pilot. Noah Wyle was like 13 years old and was waiting tables. We brought him in because you were always supposed to bring two choices to the network and we wanted the other guy. But he kept getting better and better, and then he got the part. A lot of it was pure luck.

Landing a Slot

MR. WELLS There are so many versions about what happened at the pilot screening for NBC, but this is what I remember. Warren Littlefield [the president of NBC Entertainment] came out and said, “We’re never going to put it on the air.” Les went crazy and started yelling, saying we were going to test it ourselves. We called NBC after we tested it, and they didn’t believe our results. So we suggested a focus group. That went so well they then tested it. I was shocked at the results. It was the best-testing show they’d ever had.

PETER ROTH I was at 20th Century Fox, and we were bursting with pride because we had “Chicago Hope.” I was staying at the St. Moritz Hotel in New York for the upfronts in 1994, and I got a call from Warren Littlefield saying, “Would you mind if I got a look at ‘Chicago Hope?’ We’ve got this show called ‘ER.’ I’ll trade shows with you.” So I agreed, and I remember I was watching an N.B.A. game in my room. The N.B.A. was on NBC then, and I start seeing these promos: “For 20 years the home of the greatest drama on television is NBC Thursday night at 10. First ‘Hill Street Blues,’ then ‘L.A. Law’ and now the next great drama series, ‘ER.’ ” And I saw those clips, and I thought: We’re cooked.

NOAH WYLE The first time any of us had seen the clips we were at Avery Fisher Hall for the upfront, and there was this eruption of applause.

ERIQ LA SALLE I invited everyone to my house to watch the pilot together the night we went on the air. Rod Holcomb, who had directed the pilot, came over early, and he and I tried to fool with the sound or something. Anyway we wound up somehow putting the television into sleep mode. So every 15 minutes it shut itself off. George kept saying I had timed it so it happened every time one of his scenes came on.

ABRAHAM BENRUBI I said to George it was going to be the No. 1 show in television by the fifth episode. He said no way. We wound up betting on it. It was No. 1 after the fourth episode and George still owes me that $5. Maybe if he reads this he’ll pay me.

A Hit, With Impact

CHRIS CHULACK We took seriously the idea that we were also an action show. We would have 60 or 70 extras in the background, but our extras always had a purpose. Sometimes we would shoot a five-page scene without an edit. The actor that had the last line was under huge pressure because if he broke we’d have to go back to the beginning.

MR. WYLE It changed the form of storytelling on television. It did not have the classic A-B-C, three-act structure. You often came in at the end of a story or somewhere in the middle.

MR. WELLS Our battles with NBC were all about blood and the fact that a lot of people were dying. The convention in earlier hospital shows was not to show a lot inside the hospital because people didn’t like going there. People died in hospitals. As soon as the ratings came in, those complaints went away.

MR. WYLE Alan Alda told us about something they had done on “M*A*S*H.” They called it a gut check. Every Wednesday or Thursday the cast would have lunch in John Wells’s office to screen that week’s episode. Everyone took everyone else on. It could really get cruel if you hammed it up or took a moment to move your neck muscles or something. You were never supposed to stop moving until you earned the moment. I didn’t ever want it to be me. I was moving around like an alley cat.

MR. WELLS Of course everyone was getting calls from new agents and managers. George and Tony did not allow any silliness. They had both seen a lot already in their careers. George, with all work he’d put in on things that hadn’t worked, and of course he also had the show-business experience from his family. Tony had seen what happens in a film career. They kept everyone grounded.

MR. LA SALLE I also think the time was right. We came on just as the health care issue was breaking through, with Hillary Clinton out front of it.

MR. EDWARDS It was the beginning of the era when the emergency room became primary care for most of America. People were coming into the ER for things they should have seen a doctor about long before.

MR. WYLE The scenes with Eriq and me were comic relief. I saw my character as out of “Henry IV.” He was a blueblood, but he had chosen to work in an inner-city hospital with vagabonds, thieves and drunkards.

Changing the Rotation

MR. WELLS People leaving the show wound up contributing to our longevity. Of course when George left after five seasons, I was really worried. I thought the show was definitely going to end in Year 8 when Tony Edwards left.

MAURA TIERNEY I was the first of the second wave. I did eight seasons, and people still thought of me as one of “the new ones.” They didn’t have a handle on the character at first. I was supposed to be either a med student or a nurse depending on whether Julianna left. She stayed one more season, so I was a med student; then she left, and I became a nurse.

LINDA CARDELLINI John Wells hired me on a Wednesday, and I was working on Monday. I had no idea what I was getting into. The first day on that set I was floored. You have all this movement and then the technical dialogue, which is like a foreign language. You could have three different sets of cues. The doctor on the set could also call cut. It was the only show where somebody besides the director could call cut. Some days we’d do 12 pages. When I shot the “Scooby-Doo” movie, we’d do one page a day.

PARMINDER NAGRA I was a fan of the show as a teenager in England. I was in L.A. to do publicity for “Bend It Like Beckham” when I met with John Wells, and he made me an offer. I had no idea how my life was going to change.

WELLS I had seen Parminder in “Beckham,” and I realized that we had never had an Indian or Pakistani doctor even though they are many in E.R.’s around the country.

MS. NAGRA I’m very proud of my Indian heritage, but I didn’t want it to become a cliché. I wanted them to be clever about it. The challenge was to make me grow as a character, and I think I did. They put me in so many relationships. I think I set the record on the show for hookups.

JOHN STAMOS I had never seen it. When I went in to meet them, I had this idea that maybe they could get my character together with Maura Tierney, because I thought she was really hot. I didn’t know she was already with Goran [Visnjic, who played Dr. Luka Kovac], and they had a baby already. I actually had been asked on the show before, and I didn’t do it. But I saw George Clooney in the commissary on the lot one day, and he said to me: “Do ‘ER.’ It’s a great show and it will change your life.” I wonder what ever happened to that guy.

MS. TIERNEY It’s different being a TV actor, especially in a hit show. You’re in people’s homes; they know you in a way that’s more intimate and familiar. People would just come up to me and say hi. When my character was cheating on Goran, people were angry with me. And when my character fell off the wagon, we were in Chicago shooting on location, and some of us went out to a bar afterwards. I was having a glass of wine, and people came up to me and said, “You shouldn’t be having that wine.”

A Good Death

MR. WELLS It’s very odd to say, but it really was time to end. It’s ending at a time when we’re all still very proud of it. At the same time it means the loss of a lot of close friendships. There will be a dedication on a plaque above the stage ― they are renaming the stage for “ER.”

MR. STAMOS I think they’re canceling it prematurely. I still have a lot of energy for the show. I think you could keep doing it as a spinoff.

MR. WYLE My first day on the set was March 17, 1994. My last day will be March 18, 2009. In between there’s been marriage and children. There was this tearful goodbye after my farewell episode after the 11th season. I came back to the lot the next week because Clint Eastwood was casting for “Flags of Our Fathers.” I drove up and the guard, who I had seen every day for years, asked me for ID. After I told him why I was there he sent me across the way to the visitor’s lot. Then I went in and put my name on a long call sheet for actors. It just hit me: back to Square 1.

MR. EDWARDS I know it will always be my middle name. I’m O.K. with that. I’m very friendly with Richard Thomas and he knows no matter what he does he will always be associated with “The Waltons.” But he said to me, “It’s O.K. to be stereotyped as long as you were good in it.”
(NewYorkTimes.com)-March 19, 2009
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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 【ER】TV Guide magazine.comの回顧記事【Memo】 

【ER】TV Guide magazine.comの回顧記事【Memo】

TV Guide magazine.comに3月19日から4月2日まで更新された回顧記事。カーター、アビー、スーザン、ルカ、Steven Spielberg。


Exclusive: ER's Most Memorable Moments
From now until the April 2 series finale, TVGuideMagazine.com brings you exclusive ER moments straight from the stars! Today, Noah Wyle shares his most memorable guest star.

Noah Wyle: "Francis Sternhagen, who played my character's grandmother, is one of the best actresses I've ever worked with. I enjoyed George Plimpton, who played Carter’s grandfather, for completely different reasons. George was a terrible actor! He was an unbelievable talent as a writer and conversationalist, but as an actor, he was challenged. We killed him off early on. (Laughs)"
(TV Guide magazine.com)-March 19, 2009

Maura's Favorite Moment
From now until the April 2 series finale, TVGuideMagazine.com brings you exclusive ER moments straight from the stars! Today, Maura Tierney shares her favorite moment.

Maura Tierney: I loved the "Sailing Away" episode, directed by Laura Innes. My mother, played by Sally Field, goes off the deep end into depression and Carter and I go on this road trip to get her. The story was really moving and as an actor you feel safe when another actor directs you. Plus we were away from the ER set and Stage 11, which I hadn't gotten to do very much. And there was this empathy and connectedness between Noah Wyle's Carter and my character Abby, though we weren't romantically involved at the time.
(TV Guide magazine.com)-March 20, 2009

ER Star's Favorite Moment
From now until the April 2 series finale, TVGuideMagazine.com brings you exclusive ER moments straight from the stars! Today, Sherry Stringfield shares the story of her favorite guest star.

Sherry Stringfield: Garrett Morris was my most memorable costar. He played this cranky, horrible patient, and Lewis pretended to take his temperature but instead took this huge flower and stuck it in his butt and opened the curtain. That was a very funny scene and Garrett was super funny.
(TV Guide magazine.com)-March 23, 2009

Goran's Favorite ER Moment
From now until the April 2 series finale, TVGuideMagazine.com brings you exclusive ER stories straight from the stars! Today, Goran Visnjic shares his favorite ER moment.

Goran Visnjic: Noah Wyle and I told producer David Zabel about how we really love to fence. A month later, John Welles came to a reading and said, "Ok, guys, we're having an episode that Mr. Wyle and Mr. Visnjic are going to be very happy about." In the middle of the script, there we were, fencing!
(TV Guide magazine.com)-March 25, 2009

Spielberg's Favorite ER Momen
From now until the April 2 series finale, TVGuideMagazine.com brings you exclusive ER stories straight from the creative minds behind the show! Today, producer Steven Spielberg shares his favorite ER moment.

Steven Spielberg: When Rosemary Clooney sang in the ER. Nothing has moved me more.
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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 【ER】"And in the End ...."のプロモ【Memo】 

【ER】"And in the End ...."のプロモ【Memo】


とりあえず、それらのまとめは3月いっぱい忙しいので4月に入ってからになると思う。まだTV Guide誌の回顧録も読んでないし。


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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 【ER】" I Feel Good"(#330;XV-21) 

【ER】" I Feel Good"(#330;XV-21)

曲名はエピタイトルにもなっているジェームズ・ブラウンの"I Feel Good"
モリスことScott Grimesはミュージシャンとしての顔を持ち、クリスマスソングではヘレエことYvette Freemanとジョイントしたり、一人でも披露したり。ゲイツことJohn Stamosも古くはフルハウスの頃から披露したり。
Scott GrimesJohn StamosはER内に留まらず、バンドと一緒に二人でライブ活動をしたりしている。

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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 視聴率20090326 


TV Ratings: Thursday 'Idol' carries FOX to top
ABC comedies so-so, 'Grey's' beats basketball

Fast National ratings for Thursday, March 26, 2009

An unusual Thursday that featured "American Idol," live sports and a pair of comedy premieres ended up with FOX on top of the ratings.

FOX averaged a 9.7 rating/15 share and 16.65 million viewers for the night to finish well ahead of second-place ABC, 7.3/12 and 10.97 million. CBS, 6.5/10, finished third (its numbers will change some because of live sports). NBC, 4.9/8, came in fourth, and The CW trailed with a 2.2/3.

FOX also led among adults 18-49 with a 6.1 rating. ABC took second in the key ad demographic with a 3.8, followed closely by CBS, 3.5, and NBC, 3.1. The CW earned a 1.4.

The "American Idol" results show scored a 12.9/20 for FOX at 8 p.m., with no other network even within shouting distance. The Sweet 16 round of the NCAA basketball tournament drew a 6.0/10 for CBS. The premiere of "In the Motherhood," 4.6/7, and the return of "Samantha Who?," 4.5/7, put ABC in third, ahead of "My Name Is Earl" and an "Office" rerun on NBC. "Smallville" delivered a 2.3/4 for The CW.

ABC moved in front at 9 p.m. thanks to "Grey's Anatomy," 10.3/16. The NCAA tournament improved to 7.0/11 on CBS. "Hell's Kitchen," 6.5/10, got a boost from the "Idol" lead-in. "The Office," 4.9/7, and "30 Rock," 4.3/7, kept NBC in fourth, ahead of "Supernatural" on The CW.

"Private Practice" drew a 7.1/12 for ABC at 10. Both CBS' college basketball and NBC's "ER" averaged 6.6/11, with CBS getting a few more total viewers.
(ZAP 2it)-March 27, 2009
E.R. 10,355,000

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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 【ER】"Shifting Equilibrium"(#329;XV-20) 

【ER】"Shifting Equilibrium"(#329;XV-20)


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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 視聴率20090319 


TV Ratings: 'Grey's Anatomy' beats hoops Thursday
NCAA tournament ratings up a bit over last year
Fast National ratings for Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ratings for the opening night of the NCAA basketball tournament improved some over last year's tipoff, but ABC grabbed the night's biggest audience.

ABC averaged a 7.3 rating/12 share in primetime to snare the top spot. CBS came in second with a 5.9/10, which will change some because of the live sports broadcast. FOX, 5.4/9, finished third, beating out the 4.8/8 for NBC. The CW earned a 2.0/3.

CBS tied ABC for the lead among adults 18-49 at 3.5. FOX, 3.1, and NBC, 3.0, were not far behind. The CW trailed with a 1.3.

"Bones" put FOX on top at 8 p.m. with a 6.3/11. CBS' NCAA tourney coverage finished a close second at 6.1/10 (and led among adults 18-49). "Ugly Betty" drew a 5.2/9 for ABC. "My Name Is Earl" and an "Office" rerun put NBC in fourth, while "Smallville" scored a 2.1/3 for The CW.

ABC took over at 9 with "Grey's Anatomy," the night's most-watched show at 9.7/15. CBS improved to 6.4/10 with March Madness. FOX's "Hell's Kitchen," 4.6/7, finished in a virtual tie for third with NBC's "The Office," 4.9/8, and "30 Rock," 4.3/7. "Supernatural" held steady for The CW.

"Private Practice," 7.0/12, kept ABC on top at 10 p.m. "ER" drew a 6.2/10 for NBC, while CBS' college basketball dipped some to 5.2/9.
(ZAP 2it)-March 20, 2009
E.R. 9,469,000

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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 【ER】"Old Time"(#328;XV-19) 

【ER】"Old Time"(#328;XV-19)

Noah Wyle,George Clooney,Julianna Margulies,Eriq La Salleとゲスト扱いではなく、Parminder Nagraの前に普通にクレジットされた。


ケリーはもう居なくなっていて、ピーターは二人が知らなくて。二人がアビーやプラットは? と訊くと今度はダグが知らなくて。

S9でプラットがカーターにノース・ウエスタンに知り合いは居ませんか? と訊いていたシーンがあり、そこで居るよと答えていたカーター。あのときの知り合いはピーターかと二人の再会スポイラーが出たときから勝手に妄想していたが、カーターはピーターがノース・ウエスタンに転職したと知らなかった。

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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 視聴率20090312 


TV Ratings: CBS, 'ER' are Thursday winners
George Clooney's return boosts 'ER' numbers

Fast National ratings for Thursday, March 12, 2009

CBS claimed its customary spot atop the Nielsen ratings Thursday, while a cast reunion on "ER" -- including the return of George Clooney -- gave the show its best numbers in some time.

CBS averaged an 8.3 rating/13 share for the night to finish comfortably ahead of second-place ABC, 6.7/11. FOX came in third with a 5.2/8. NBC, 4.6/7, was fourth, while The CW came in at 2.0/3.

The big four nets were tightly bunched in the adults 18-49 demographic, but CBS came out on top with a 3.7 rating. ABC took second at 3.5, and NBC and FOX tied for third at 3.1. The CW earned a 1.3.

"Survivor: Tocantins" put CBS on top at 8 o'clock with a 7.4/12. "Bones," 5.9/10, finished second for FOX. "Ugly Betty" drew a 4.9/8 for ABC. A "My Name Is Earl" rerun and "Kath & Kim" came in fourth for NBC, while "Smallville" pulled down a 2.2/4 for The CW.

CBS held the overall lead at 9 p.m. with "CSI," 10.3/16. "Grey's Anatomy" (9.0/14), however, led the hour among adults 18-49. "Hell's Kitchen" delivered a 4.5/7 for FOX, edging "The Office," 4.5/7, and "30 Rock," 3.9/6, on NBC. The CW's "Supernatural" trailed.

At 10 p.m., CBS' "Eleventh Hour" grabbed the most viewers with a 7.4/12, but "ER," 6.9/12, led the 18-49 demo and snagged its biggest audience of the season. "Private Practice" averaged 6.3/11 for ABC.
(ZAP 2it)-March 13, 2009
CSI: 17,132,000
E.R. 10,862,000

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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 視聴率20090305 


TV Ratings: FOX plays wild card Thursday
'American Idol' helps push FOX past CBS

Fast National ratings for Thursday, March 5, 2009

"American Idol's" wild-card show helped FOX snatch Thursday's ratings crown away from CBS.

Both networks averaged a 9.2 rating/15 share among households for the night, but FOX's 15.94 million viewers beat CBS' 14.98 million for the top spot. NBC finished a distant third at 4.6/7. ABC, 3.9/6, came in fourth, and The CW trailed at 1.3/2.

FOX had a bigger lead among adults 18-49, scoring a 6.1 rating in the key ad demographic. CBS took second with a 4.0, beating out NBC's 3.2. ABC averaged 1.6 and The CW 0.8.

"American Idol" delivered a 12.2/19 for FOX at 8 p.m. "Survivor: Tocantins" earned a 7.1/11 for CBS. "Ugly Betty," 4.3/7, grabbed third for ABC, beating out NBC's combo of "My Name Is Earl," 3.5/6, and "Kath & Kim," 2.7/4. The CW aired a "Smallville" rerun.

CBS took over the lead at 9 with "CSI," 12.8/20. "Hell's Kitchen" drew a 6.2/10 for FOX. NBC moved into third with "The Office," 5.2/8, and "30 Rock," 4.6/7. A "Grey's Anatomy" rerun on ABC was fourth, while a "Supernatural" repeat on The CW scored a 1.2/2.

"Eleventh Hour" posted a 7.9/14 for CBS at 10 p.m. "ER," 5.8/10, took second for NBC, beating the 3.3/6 for a "Private Practice" rerun on ABC.
(ZAP 2it)-March 6, 2009
落ち着いてると見ていいのかな? ERは。

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Index[海外ドラマ]Memo 視聴率2009026 


TV Ratings: FOX Noses Out CBS Thursday
'American Idol' results top 'Survivor,' 'CSI'

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009

A Thursday edition of "American Idol" shook up the normal ratings order for the night, propelling FOX to a win over CBS.

FOX averaged an 8.8 rating/14 share for the night, narrowly beating CBS' 8.7/14 for the lead (the gap in total viewers was a little wider: 15.27 million for FOX vs. 13.95 million for CBS). ABC was a distant third at 4.2/7, beating out NBC's 3.9/6. The CW earned a 1.3/2.

FOX also led among adults 18-49 with a 5.7 rating. CBS finished second in the demographic with a 3.7. NBC took third at 2.5, followed by ABC, 1.9, and The CW, 0.7.

The "American Idol" results show scored an 11.9/19 for FOX at 8 p.m., easily beating the 7.1/11 for "Survivor: Tocantins" on CBS. ABC's "Ugly Betty," 4.6/7, came in third. The special "Secrets of the Furious Five" and "Kath & Kim" put NBC in fourth. The CW got a 1.4/2 from a "Smallville" repeat.

"CSI," 11.2/18, grabbed the lead for CBS at 9. "Hell's Kitchen" drew a 5.6/9 for FOX. A "Grey's Anatomy" rerun, 4.7/7, kept ABC in third, ahead of an "Office" repeat, 3.3/5, and a new "30 Rock," 3.9/6, on NBC. The CW's "Supernatural" dipped ever so slightly from its lead-in.

CBS held the lead at 10 thanks to "Eleventh Hour," 7.7/13. "ER" drew a 5.8/10 for NBC, up a bit from recent weeks, while a "Private Practice" repeat on ABC drew a 3.4/6.
(ZAP 2it)-February 27, 2009
CSI: 17,724,000
E.R. 8,724,000

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TV Ratings: 'CSI' Holds Off 'Grey's Anatomy' Thursday
'Private Practice' drops, but still above pre-crossover levels

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009

ABC and CBS battled to another split ratings verdict on Thursday, and although "Private Practice" dropped off some from the past couple weeks, it still remained higher than its pre-crossover numbers.

CBS led the night overall with an 8.6 rating/14 share and just under 14 million viewers. ABC, 7.5/12 and 11.5 million viewers, took second. FOX, 5.0/8, finished third, a point ahead of NBC's 4.0/6. The CW trailed at 1.3/2.

ABC won the adults 18-49 race with a 4.2 rating, edging CBS' 3.9. FOX grabbed third in the key ad demographic with a 3.0. NBC, 2.5, was fourth, and The CW drew a 0.8.

"Survivor: Tocantins" put CBS on top at 8 p.m. with a 7.9/13. "Bones" scored a 6.0/10 for FOX. ABC's "Ugly Betty," 5.1/8, came in third. "My Name Is Earl," 4.1/7, and "Kath & Kim," 3.3/5, gave NBC the No. 4 spot, while The CW brought up the rear with a "Smallville" rerun.

CBS stayed on top at 9 p.m. with "CSI," 10.5/16. ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" posted a 10.0/15 and was also the night's top show among adults 18-49. "Hell's Kitchen" drew a 4.1/6 for FOX, topping the 3.4/5 average for reruns of "The Office" and "30 Rock" on NBC.

At 10 p.m., ABC's "Private Practice" earned a 7.5/13 -- down from its "Grey's" crossover-fueled heights of the past couple weeks but still better than its prior season average. CBS' "Eleventh Hour" was right behind at 7.4/11. The return of Noah Wyle to "ER" didn't move the needle much, as the show came in at 4.9/8.
(ZAP 2it)-February 20, 2009
CSI: 16,920,000
E.R. 7,506,000

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TV Ratings: 'Private Practice' Gets Another Bump
CBS still takes Thursday thanks to 'Survivor' and 'CSI'

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009

The premiere of the newest "Survivor" returned CBS to the top of the ratings Thursday night, while ABC reaped more benefits from its "Grey's Anatomy"-"Private Practice" crossover.

CBS led the overall race for the evening with an 8.6 rating/14 share, beating out ABC's 7.9/13 (the two networks were separated by about 2 million viewers). NBC finished third at 4.4/7. FOX, 2.6/4, came in fourth, while The CW brought in a 1.4/2.

Thanks to the crossover, ABC led among adults 18-49 with a 4.6 rating. CBS, 4.0, took second. NBC came in third at 3.1, followed by FOX, 1.4, and The CW, 0.9.

The premiere of "Survivor: Tocantins" scored an 8.1/13 for CBS at 8 p.m. "Ugly Betty," 4.9/8, put ABC in second. "My Name Is Earl," 4.0/7, and "Kath & Kim," 3.3/5, were third for NBC. FOX's telecast of the NAACP Image Awards came in fourth, topping the 1.5/2 for a "Smallville" rerun on The CW.

CBS stayed on top at 9 p.m. with "CSI," 10.8/17, although "Grey's Anatomy" (9.7/15) led the adults 18-49 demo for the hour. NBC held onto third with "The Office," 5.3/8, and "30 Rock," 4.6/7. The Image Awards drew a 2.7/4 for FOX. The CW trailed with a "Supernatural" repeat.

"Private Practice" delivered a 9.1/15 at 10 p.m., beating the season high it achieved last week. "Eleventh Hour" scored a 7.0/12 for CBS, and "ER" came in at 4.7/8 for NBC.
(ZAP 2it)-February 13, 2009
CSI: 17,938,000
E.R. 7,241,000

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TV Ratings: ABC Crosses Over to Thursday Win
Season best for 'Private Practice'; no Super Bowl bump for 'The Office'

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009

A crossover episode helped "Private Practice" to its best ratings of the season Thursday and led ABC to a healthy win for the night.

ABC averaged a 7.7 rating/12 share in primetime. FOX and CBS tied for second in households at 5.6/9, but FOX had more total viewers (9.2 million to 8.6 million for CBS). NBC, 4.3/7, came in fourth. The CW earned a 2.2/3.

ABC also led among adults 18-49 with a 4.5 rating. FOX took second in the advertisers' favorite demographic with a 3.3. NBC, 2.9, finished third, followed by CBS, 2.2, and The CW, 1.5.

"Bones" put FOX on top at 8 p.m. with a 6.7/11. "Ugly Betty," 5.0/8, grabbed second for ABC. CBS was third with reruns of "The Big Bang Theory" and "How I Met Your Mother, which beat NBC's "My Name Is Earl," 3.9/6, and "Kath & Kim," 3.1/5. "Smallville" delivered a 2.4/4 for The CW.

"Grey's Anatomy," 9.8/15, moved ABC into the lead at 9 p.m. CBS took second with a "CSI" rerun, 7.4/11. FOX's "Hell's Kitchen" finished third. "The Office" (5.2/8) didn't enjoy any kind of post-Super Bowl bump and along with "30 Rock," 4.1/6, finished fourth for NBC. The CW got a 2.1/3 from "Supernatural."

"Private Practice," which began a crossover with "Grey's," scored an 8.4/14 -- easily its biggest audience of the season -- at 10 p.m. An "Eleventh Hour" rerun, 5.5/9, on CBS beat out "ER," 4.8/8, on NBC.
(ZAP 2it)-February 6, 2009
CSI: 11,779,000
E.R. 7,252,000

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TV Ratings: Thursday 'Idol' Cooks Up a Win
'American Idol,' 'Hell's Kitchen' premiere hold off CBS

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009

A Thursday edition of "American Idol" carried FOX to a ratings win for the night, while giving a decent launch to the new season of " Hell's Kitchen."

FOX averaged a 10.1 rating/16 share in primetime, which was enough to beat CBS, 8.7/13, for the lead. ABC finished third but was well behind the leaders at 4.1/7. NBC, 3.1/5, came in fourth, and The CW trailed with 2.4/4.

In the adults 18-49 demographic, FOX's 7.0 rating doubled the 3.5 for second-place CBS. NBC grabbed third with a 1.9, followed by ABC, 1.8, and The CW, 1.7.

The final audition episode of "Idol" drew a 13.7/21 for FOX at 8 p.m. A "Criminal Minds" rerun on CBS snagged second with a 5.9/9. The CW's " Smallville," 2.6/4, finished third in total viewers and adults 18-49, even though NBC's "My Name Is Earl" and "Kath & Kim" and ABC's "Ugly Betty" had slightly higher household ratings.

CBS moved into the lead at 9 p.m. with " CSI," 12.1/19. The season premiere of "Hell's Kitchen" scored a 6.5/10 for FOX and came within a few tenths of CBS in the 18-49 demo. A "Grey's Anatomy" rerun on ABC drew a 4.0/6, edging repeats of "The Office" and "30 Rock" on NBC. "Supernatural" scored a 2.2/3 for The CW.

" Eleventh Hour," 8.1/14, kept CBS on top at 10 p.m. "Private Practice" drew a 5.4/9 for ABC, while an "ER" repeat on NBC posted a 3.1/5.
(ZAP 2it)-January 30, 2009
CSI: 20,153,000

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TV Ratings: 'CSI,' 'Grey's' Share Thursday Spoils
'Bones' holds up pretty well on its new night

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009

CBS and ABC took their usual spots atop Thursday's ratings, while FOX's "Bones" improved FOX's lot on its new night.

CBS led the night's overall race with an 8.0 rating/13 share. ABC finished second at 7.0/11. FOX, 5.4/8, came in third, a point ahead of NBC, 4.4/7. The CW trailed with a 2.0/3.

ABC grabbed the top spot among adults 18-49 with a 3.9 rating. CBS took second at 3.3, just ahead of NBC, 3.1. FOX scored a 2.7 for fourth, and The CW pulled down a 1.4.

The first of two "Bones" episodes won the 8 p.m. hour for FOX with a 6.1/10. An "NCIS" rerun drew a 5.6/9 for CBS, beating the 5.1/8 for "Ugly Betty" on ABC. "My Name Is Earl" and "Kath & Kim" put NBC in fourth. "Smallville" delivered a 2.3/4 for The CW.

CBS moved in front at 9 p.m. thanks to "CSI," 10.5/16. "Grey's Anatomy" posted a 9.4/14 for ABC. A second "Bones" (4.7/7) was third in households for FOX, but NBC had a few more viewers with "The Office," 5.0/8, and "30 Rock," 3.9/6. "Supernatural" finished out the night for The CW.

"Eleventh Hour," 7.9/13, kept CBS on top at 10 p.m. "Private Practice" scored a 6.5/11 for ABC (and won the hour among adults 18-49), beating the 5.1/9 for "ER" on NBC.
(ZAP 2it)-January 23, 2009
CSI 17,572,000
E.R. 7,654,000


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TV Ratings: 'CSI' Goodbye Scores Thursday
William Petersen's departure gives CBS a big win

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009

William Petersen's final "CSI" episode dominated Thursday's ratings, carrying CBS to a decisive victory.

CBS averaged a 10.7 rating/17 share for the night, easily beating ABC's 6.0/9. NBC, 4.4/7, came in third, followed by FOX at 2.6/4. Numbers for all of the big four nets will likely change some, as they all carried a presidential address live at 8 p.m. ET. The CW drew a 2.2/3.

In the adults 18-49 demographic, CBS scored a 4.5 rating to grab the top spot. ABC took second at 3.5, topping NBC's 3.0. FOX averaged 1.8 and The CW 1.5.

President Bush's address and a "CSI" rerun averaged 8.6/13 for CBS at 8 p.m. NBC got a 4.1/6 from the speech and "My Name Is Earl." The president and "Scrubs" scored a 3.7/6 for ABC, while FOX took fourth with the speech and "Kitchen Nightmares." The CW drew a 2.6/4 (and led FOX by a little in total viewers) with "Smallville."

The conclusion of the "CSI" repeat, and the new episode featuring Petersen's departure, delivered a 13.9/21 at 9 p.m. "Grey's Anatomy," 8.5/13, moved ABC into second. "The Office," 4.9/7, and "30 Rock," 4.0/6, were third for NBC. "Kitchen Nightmares" earned a 2.7/4, keeping FOX ahead of The CW and "Supernatural."

At 10 p.m., the end of "CSI" and "Eleventh Hour" combined for a 9.7/16 on CBS. "Private Practice" drew a 5.9/9 for ABC, beating out the 4.6/8 for "ER" on NBC.
(ZAP 2it)-January 16, 2009
CSI 24,246,000
E.R. 6,950,000

CSIはWP降板エピ。その影響からか、Eleventh Hourも高視聴率。


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TV Ratings: FOX, Florida Chomp Thursday Rivals
BCS title game draws 24 million viewers

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009

College football's championship game blitzed everything in its path Thursday, carrying FOX to a sizable ratings victory.

FOX averaged a 14.1 rating/21 share and a little over 24 million viewers in primetime, up a bit from last year's title game (the numbers will likely change some because of the live telecast). ABC was the best of the rest at 6.7/10. CBS, 6.0/9, came in third. NBC's 3.7/6 was good for fourth, and The CW trailed with a 1.4/2.

FOX also dominated the adults 18-49 demographic with an 8.4 rating. ABC, 3.6, took second. CBS and NBC tied for third at 2.2, and The CW came in at 0.8.

The BCS title game between Florida and Oklahoma drew a 13.9/22 at 8 p.m. A "CSI: NY" rerun, 5.7/9, put CBS in second, ahead of "Ugly Betty," 5.0/8, on ABC. "My Name Is Earl," 3.5/6, and "Kath & Kim," 2.7/4, finished fourth for NBC. The CW went with a "Smallville" rerun.

FOX peaked in the 9 p.m. hour with a 14.4/21 for the Gators-Sooners matchup. ABC moved up to second with "Grey's Anatomy," 8.9/13. A "CSI" repeat took third for CBS, while an "Office" rerun, 3.0/4, and "30 Rock," 3.4/5, kept NBC in fourth. "Supernatural" scored a 1.3/2 for The CW.

The Florida-Oklahoma game dipped a little to 14.3/23 at 10 p.m. but still had a healthy lead. "Private Practice" earned a 6.0/10 for ABC in its new timeslot. "Eleventh Hour" posted a 5.2/8 for CBS, edging the 4.9/8 for "ER" on NBC.
(ZAP 2it)-January 9, 2009
CSI: 11,004,000
CSI:NY(SP) 8,569,000
E.R. 7,342,000


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TV Ratings: 'CSI,' Fishburne Hook Big Audience
CBS dominates Thursday with ABC in reruns

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008

The introduction of Laurence Fishburne on "CSI" helped CBS scored a dominant ratings win Thursday.

CBS averaged a 9.7 rating/16 share in primetime, far and away the night's best numbers. NBC was the best of the rest a 4.8/8, while a night of repeats on ABC came in third at 4.0/6. FOX took fourth with a 3.2/5, and The CW trailed at 1.4/2.

The adults 18-49 race was a little closer, but CBS still snagged the top spot with a 4.5 rating. NBC finished second in the key ad-sales demographic with a 3.4. ABC, 1.7, was third, followed by FOX, 1.6, and The CW, 0.8.

"Survivor: Gabon" put CBS on top at 8 p.m. with a 7.8/13. An "Ugly Betty" rerun on ABC drew a 3.9/6 to take second over NBC's "My Name Is Earl," 4.1/7, and "Kath & Kim," 3.3/5. "Secret Millionaire" earned a 3.4/5 for FOX, while The CW brought up the rear with a "Smallville" rerun.

At 9 p.m., Fishburne's first "CSI" appearance drew a 12.6/20, the show's highest rating since its season premiere. NBC moved up to second with "The Office," 5.2/8, and "30 Rock," 4.6/7. A "Grey's Anatomy" repeat drew a 4.7/7 for ABC. "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" kept FOX in fourth, ahead of The CW's "Supernatural" repeat, 1.3/2.

"Eleventh Hour," 8.7/15, completed the CBS sweep at 10 p.m. "ER" posted a 5.7/10 for NBC, and "Private Practice" came in at 3.3/5 for ABC.
(ZAP 2it)-December 12, 2008
CSIはLaurence Fishburne登場。次回William Petersen降板エピ。

CSI 20,857,000
E.R. 9,035,000

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TV Ratings: Split Verdict for ABC, CBS Thursday
'Grey's,' Walters do demo business; 'CSI' stays on top overall

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008

CBS held onto its place atop the Nielsen total-viewer mountain Thursday, but Barbara Walters teamed with "Grey's Anatomy" to grab the demographic crown.

CBS averaged an 8.4 rating/13 share for the night, beating out ABC's 8.1/13 (the two networks were separated by about 1.4 million viewers). NBC finished a distant third at 4.5/7. Reruns on FOX, 2.5/4, and The CW, 1.3/2, rounded out the field.

ABC led among adults 18-49 with a 4.1 rating. CBS took second with a 3.8, followed by NBC at 3.1. FOX drew a 1.7 and The CW a 0.8.

"Survivor: Gabon," 7.6/12, scored an easy win for CBS at 8 p.m. ABC's "Ugly Betty" came in second with a 5.8/9. "My Name Is Earl," 3.9/6, and "Kath & Kim," 3.2/5, put NBC in third, ahead of a "Kitchen Nightmares" repeat on FOX. The CW's "Smallville" encore earned a 1.4/2.

CBS held the lead at 9 p.m. with "CSI," 10.7/16. "Grey's Anatomy" snagged a 9.9/15 (and also drew the night's best 18-49 rating). NBC stayed in third with "The Office," 4.9/7, and "30 Rock," 4.3/7. A second "Kitchen Nightmares" posted a 2.6/4 for FOX. A "Supernatural" repeat on The CW dipped slightly from its lead-in.

At 10 p.m., ABC's annual "Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People" special scored an 8.7/15. "Eleventh Hour" delivered a 7.1/12 for CBS, topping the 5.4/9 for "ER" on NBC.
(ZAP 2it)-December 5, 2008
CSI 17,476,000
E.R. 8,202,000

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TV Ratings: Thanksgiving Thursday Goes to CBS
'CSI' repeat generates the night's highest ratings

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008.

Thursday night may have been Thanksgiving, but it was still Thursday, meaning CBS controlled the slow evening.

Overall, CBS averaged a 5.5 rating/11 share, easily beating the 3.3/7 for FOX and ABC. NBC's 2.3/4 was enough for fourth, beating the 1.1/2 for The CW.

FOX grabbed a narrow win among adults 18-49, doing a 2.1 rating in the key demographic. CBS was a close second with a 2.0, followed by the 1.8 rating for ABC and NBC's 1.6 rating. The CW trailed with a 0.6 rating.

CBS kicked the night off in first with a 4.9/10 for a "Survivor: Gabon" recap special. FOX was second with the first hour of the feature "Click," which had a 3.6/7. ABC's "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" special had a 3.2/7, better than the first hour of "The Incredibles" on NBC. The CW's "Smallville" had a 1.1/2.

At 9 p.m. CBS strengthened its lead with a 6.7/13 for "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" had a 3.1/6 to grab second, nipping FOX's movie. NBC's Pixar treat had only a 2.0/4 in its second hour, while The CW was last with a 1.0/2 for "Supernatural."

"Eleventh Hour" closed the night in first for CBS with a 4.8/9. ABC aired a second "Grey's Anatomy" episode and got a 3.6/7. NBC was third with the ending of "The Incredibles" and an episode of "The Office."
(ZAP 2it)-November 28, 2008

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TV Ratings: CBS Easily Wins Another Thursday
'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' is, as usual, the night's most watched show

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008.

Although "Grey's Anatomy" still delivered the night's highest demo ratings, CBS had no problems sweeping Thursday in overall measures.

CBS averaged an 8.6 rating/14 share overall for the night, far ahead of ABC's 6.9/11 and the 4.8/8 for NBC. FOX had a 2.8/4 to narrowly beat the 2.7/4 for The CW in fifth.

Among adults 18-49, CBS did a 3.9 rating to nip ABC's 3.7 rating in the key demographic. NBC's 3.3 was good for third, followed by FOX's 1.9 rating and the 1.8 rating for The CW.

"Survivor: Gabon" started CBS off in first, doing a 7.6/12. ABC's "Ugly Betty" was second with a 5.4/9. NBC's "My Name Is Earl" and "Kath & Kim" held third, barely beating the 2.9/5 posted by both The CW's "Smallville" and FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares."

At 9 p.m. CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" won the hour with an 11.3/17, holding off the 10.0/15 for ABC's "Grey's Anatomy." NBC's "The Office" (4.9/7) and "30 Rock" (4.4/7) were third, beating FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares." On The CW, "Supernatural" had a 2.4/4.

"Eleventh Hour" completed the CBS sweep at 10 p.m. with a 7.0/12. NBC's "ER" had a 5.9/10, leaving ABC's "Life on Mars" in last with a 5.3/9.
(ZAP 2it)-November 21, 2008

CSI: 18,446,000
E.R. 8,884,000

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TV Ratings: CBS Tops Tight Thursday
'Grey's Anatomy' and 'E.R.' win their hours in the 18-49 demo

Fast National ratings for Nov. 13, 2008.

"Grey's Anatomy" and "E.R." both delivered strong performances on Thursday, but it wasn't enough to top CBS' across-the-board strength.

Overall, CBS averaged a 9.0 rating/14 share for the night, easily beating the 7.5/12 for ABC and NBC's 5.0/8. FOX's 3.1/5 and The CW's 2.6/4 trailed.

Among adults 18-49, the race was far closer, though CBS won with a 4.1 rating. ABC was close behind in the key demographic with a 3.9 rating, followed by the 3.3 rating for NBC. FOX's 2.2 rating was enough for fourth over the 1.6 rating for The CW.

CBS kicked the night off with a 7.7/12 for "Survivor: Gabon," topping the 6.3/10 for "Ugly Betty" on ABC. NBC's "My Name Is Earl" and "Kath & Kim" held off FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares" for third, leaving The CW in fifth with a 2.7/4 for "Smallville."

At 9 p.m. CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" won the hour with an 11.5/17. That was better than the 10.3/15 for "Grey's Anatomy," but the ABC medical soap won the hour in the 18-49 demographic. NBC was third with "The Office" (4.9/7) and "30 Rock"(4.5/7). FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares" beat the 2.5/4 for The CW's "Supernatural."

Anthony Edwards' return to "E.R." gave NBC a 10 p.m. demographic win, but the show's 6.5/11 was only good for second overall behind the 7.6/13 for CBS' "Eleventh Hour." "Life on Mars" was third with a 6.0/10.
(ZAP 2it)-November 14, 2008

CSI: 19,050,000
E.R. 9,900,000

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TV Ratings: 'CSI' Grabs Another Victory
'Grey's Anatomy' grows and leads Thursday's 18-49 rankings

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008

"Grey's Anatomy" scored some of its best ratings of the season Thursday, but they weren't enough to overtake CBS and win the night.

CBS averaged an 8.5 rating/14 share for the night, beating out ABC's 7.3/12. NBC took third with a 4.7/7. FOX, 2.9/5, narrowly beat The CW, 2.6/4, for fourth.

CBS also led among adults 18-49, its 4.0 rating just edging ABC's 3.9 for the top spot. NBC finished third in the key ad demographic with a 3.3. FOX averaged 2.1 and The CW 1.8.

"Survivor: Gabon" gave CBS the lead at 8 p.m. with a 7.3/11. "Ugly Betty" drew a 5.8/9 for ABC. "My Name Is Earl," 4.0/6, and "Kath & Kim," 3.4/5, put NBC in third. "Smallville" earned a 2.9/5 for The CW, beating FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares" by a small margin.

"CSI," 11.2/17, had the night's biggest overall audience at 9 p.m., but "Grey's Anatomy," 10.1/15, drew better adults 18-49 numbers. "The Office," 4.7/7, and "30 Rock," 4.6/7, held onto third for NBC. A second hour of "Kitchen Nightmares," 3.0/5, moved FOX ahead of The CW and "Supernatural."

At 10 p.m., "Eleventh Hour" scored a 7.1/12 to complete the CBS sweep. ABC's "Life on Mars," 6.0/10, topped NBC's "ER," 5.7/10, for second.
(ZAP 2it)-November 7, 2008

CSI: 18,175,000
ER   8,608,000

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TV Ratings: '30 Rock' Rolls to Series High
CBS wins Thursday, but Tina Fey's promo blitz helps NBC

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008

CBS racked up another Thursday-night ratings win, but NBC's "30 Rock" grabbed its biggest audience ever following Tina Fey's star turn as Sarah Palin on " Saturday Night Live."

CBS led the night with a 9.0 rating/14 share, beating out ABC's 7.1/11. NBC came in third with a 4.9/8. FOX took fourth with a 2.5/4, edging The CW's 2.4/4 (the two finished virtually tied in total viewers.

The adults 18-49 race was closer, but CBS' 3.9 rating still won the night, topping ABC's 3.6 and NBC's 3.4. FOX and The CW tied for fourth at 1.6.

" Survivor: Gabon," 7.9/13, put CBS on top at 8 p.m. ABC's "Ugly Betty" drew a 5.6/9 to finish second. "My Name Is Earl," 3.9/6, and " Kath & Kim," 3.4/5, were third for NBC. "Smallville" earned a 2.6/4 for The CW, edging a " Kitchen Nightmares" rerun on FOX.

CBS stayed on top at 9 p.m. with " CSI," the night's most-watched show at 11.5/17. " Grey's Anatomy," 9.9/15, however, grabbed the evening's best adults 18-49 rating. " The Office," 5.3/8, and "30 Rock," 5.0/7, which hit series highs in viewers and adults 18-49, kept NBC in third. A new "Kitchen Nightmares," 2.5/4, moved FOX slightly ahead of " Supernatural" on The CW.

" Eleventh Hour," 7.7/13, completed the CBS sweep at 10 p.m. NBC's " ER," 5.9/10, which led the hour in the 18-49 demo, beat out ABC's " Life on Mars," 5.7/10.
(ZAP 2it)-October 31, 2008
CSI 19,098,000
ER 9,192,000

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TV Ratings: 'CSI,' 'Grey's Anatomy' Beat World Series
CBS continues its Thursday winning streak

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008

The Tampa Bay Rays evened the World Series Thursday night, but FOX couldn't catch up to CBS in the ratings.

CBS won the night with a 9.1 rating/14 share. FOX came in second with a 7.2/11 (its numbers will change some after adjusting for live viewing coast-to-coast), beating out ABC's 6.9/11. NBC took fourth at 4.7/7, while The CW earned a 2.3/4.

The Eye also topped the adults 18-49 demographic with a 4.3 rating. ABC and FOX tied for second at 3.5, with NBC not far behind at 3.2. The CW trailed with a 1.5.

"Survivor: Gabon," 7.8/12, gave CBS the lead at 8 p.m. Game 2 of the World Series (along with the pre-game show) scored a 6.5/10 for FOX. "Ugly Betty," 5.7/9, put ABC in third, ahead of "My Name Is Earl" and "Kath & Kim" on NBC. "Smallville" drew a 2.6/4 for The CW.

CBS increased its lead at 9 p.m. thanks to "CSI," the night's top-rated show at 11.4/17. "Grey's Anatomy," 9.5/14, was second for ABC, dropping FOX's World Series coverage to third. "The Office," 4.5/7, and "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday," 5.1/8, kept NBC in front of The CW and "Supernatural," 2.0/3.

At 10 p.m., the World Series rose to 7.7/13, tying for the lead with CBS' "Eleventh Hour." NBC's "ER," 5.7/9, beat out ABC's "Life on Mars," 5.4/9, for third.

CSI: 19,492,000
ER 8,818,000

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【ER】"The Book of Abby"(#312;XV-03)

アビー(Maura Tierney)降板エピのため、Maura Tierney中心。

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Ratings: 'Eleventh Hour' Up, 'Life on Mars' Down
CBS scores an easy win on Thursday

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008

CBS gained the upper hand in the battle of British remakes on Thursday as "Eleventh Hour" improved on its premiere while ABC's "Life on Mars" dropped off.

CBS easily won the night with a 9.1 rating/15 share. ABC finished second at 6.9/11. NBC took third at 5.0/8. FOX managed only a 2.6/4, but that was just good enough to beat the 2.2/3 for The CW.

In the adults 18-49 demographic things were a little closer, but CBS still prevailed with a 4.2 rating. ABC, 3.7, came in second, and NBC was third at 3.4. FOX and The CW tied for fourth at 1.4.

"Survivor: Gabon" kicked things off for CBS with a 7.9/13 at 8 p.m. "Ugly Betty" delivered a 5.6/9 for ABC. NBC grabbed third with "My Name Is Earl," 4.2/7, and "Kath & Kim," 3.9/6, which fell off from its premiere last week. The CW's "Smallville," 2.5/4, beat out FOX's "Hole in the Wall" for fourth.

CBS stayed on top of the overall ratings at 9 p.m. with "CSI," 11.6/18. "Grey's Anatomy" scored a 9.6/14 for ABC and had the night's best rating among adults 18-49. "The Office," 4.8/7, and "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday," 5.3/8, kept NBC in third. FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares," 2.3/3, moved ahead of "Supernatural" on The CW.

At 10 p.m., "Eleventh Hour" drew a 7.8/13, an improvement on last week's series premiere. NBC got a 5.9/10 from "ER," while "Life on Mars" fell off from its debut and finished with a 5.6/9 for ABC.
(ZAP 2it)-October 17, 2008

CSI 19,275,000
ER 8,961,000

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